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🌟 Industry Low Fees – Only 5%

Keep More of Your Earnings: Unlike other platforms that charge high commissions, our industry-low 5% fee means you retain a larger portion of your earnings. For every $100 you earn, $95 goes directly into your pocket.
Transparent Fee Structure: No hidden costs or unexpected deductions. Our straightforward 5% fee is designed to be fair and transparent, so you always know what to expect.

💸 Flexible earning

Diverse revenue streams: Leverage our flexible platform to expand your service portfolio across various games. Never miss an earning opportunity, even when the market shifts.

🤝 Build your brand

Your service, your way: Establish your unique brand and service offerings. You’re not just a nameless entity here; you’re a valued partner growing your business.

🔗 Bring your customers

Secure, low-fee marketplace: Seamlessly switch from other platforms and enjoy robust protection against chargebacks and disputes, helping ensure a safe boosting environment.

Booster Bay is your place to get paid to game

Enhanced, timely payments

Our secure payment system ensures prompt and accurate rewards for your hard work, freeing you from payment delays and uncertainties.

Amplify your earnings

Simply refer new boosters or customers and enjoy substantial commissions. The more you refer, the more you earn. Learn more.

Empowerment through flexibility

At Booster Bay, you dictate your terms – control your schedule, set competitive prices, and swiftly adapt to market trends for a winning edge.

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit

Craft your brand and promotional strategies with our tools, and excel as an independent gaming service provider.

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Discover a new era of opportunity at Booster Bay, where unparalleled control, enhanced earnings, and entrepreneurial freedom await every gaming service provider. It’s more than a marketplace—it’s where your skills are truly valued and rewarded. Here, every game you play, every service you offer, shapes a more empowering and financially rewarding path. Join the vanguard of gaming professionals who are already charting a brighter, more prosperous future with us. Welcome to the revolution in gaming services – welcome to Booster Bay!