Building trust and excellence as a Booster through simple conversation

In the world of game boosting, trust is the cornerstone of success. Customers invest not only their hard-earned money but also their time and passion into their accounts. As a booster, it’s crucial to understand this and ensure that your service is as transparent as it is effective. Here’s a guide to becoming a better booster by keeping your customers updated every step of the way.

1. Start with a ‘General Welcome’

Before you even log into a customer’s account, send a ‘General Welcome’ message. This initial communication is key. Wait for about ten minutes or until the customer responds after claiming an order. This gives them time to prepare for your session and prevents any abrupt disruptions.

2. Communicate Your Actions

Before logging in, let the customer know exactly what you plan to do. For instance, “I’m logging in now to complete your Hunter’s and Titan’s Garden of Salvation.” This step is crucial as it allows the customer to correct any misunderstandings and ensures that you both are on the same page regarding the tasks ahead.

3. Confirm Successful Login

Once you’ve successfully logged in, inform the customer with a ‘Logged in okay’ message. Remember to set their status offline for privacy. This not only assures them that their account is in safe hands but also demonstrates respect for their privacy.

4. Update Throughout the Process

Keep your customer in the loop as you progress. If you’re assembling a team, let them know how it’s going. For example, “I currently have three with me, just waiting on two more.” or “Full team is together, we’re flying in now to start your Hunter’s Garden of Salvation.” These updates manage expectations and keep the customer engaged in the process.

5. Detail Each Milestone

Inform your customer each time you complete an encounter or event. For raids and farming, mention what encounter was finished and what items dropped. For score updates, provide starting points, updates every thirty minutes minimum, and the ending score when you stop the order. In win farming, update every significant win and mention any set backs with a positive twist. This not only shows your progress but also keeps people excited about their account’s achievements.

6. Confirm Completion

Once you’re done, let your customer know. This final update marks the end of your session and reassures the customer of the completion of the services they paid for.

Final Thoughts

Remember, updating your customer isn’t just a courtesy; it’s an essential part of providing a superior service. These updates enhance the customer’s experience, set you apart as a booster, and most importantly, build trust. By keeping your customer informed, you’re not just completing a task; you’re providing an experience that they can be a part of. This level of engagement and transparency is what will make your services stand out in the competitive world of game boosting.

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